How to Retail Crazy Bull (and sell it all) - Lessons Learned from the Best Retailing Barbers

How to Retail Crazy Bull (and sell it all) - Lessons Learned from the Best Retailing Barbers


We hear the question a lot and we'd like to offer our best advice for retailing Crazy Bull products in your shop.

It all starts with knowing the products and understand the benefits each product can provide your clients. One of our team can provide product explanations in details if you ever have any questions. Please contact us if so. 

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The art of sales is very direct. You know your clients well and you know if they're going to be interested in a product purchase or not. In many cases, the client might be interested or have the funds to purchase a product but the barber fails to ask them or include the value of styling in their service. Below is a standard list of recommendations from our best selling Bull Barbers to help you and your shop bring in further revenue from product sales. This is direct advice from barbers and shops of all types. 

1. Visual Merchandising: "Place products at each barber chair/station and one at the pay counter (if your shop has one) and display a poster or Official Stockist sticker on the door or window. Visual merchandising is a big portion of ensuring your clients understand that you've got a special product in stock. If you can get a hoodie or t shirt from Crazy Bull on a promo offer, I would recommend one as they are of quality and help you merchandise in the shop while looking good at the same time."

Advice from a 5 Chair Town Shop selling average of £400+ a month of Crazy Bull products. 

2. Use of Products during Service: "You and/or your barbers should always try to use product or pre-stylers (Bull Blaster Salt Spray or Ocean Bull) when doing wet cuts. For standard fades and skin fades, always ask what they would use to style. Space Dust is a killer product because it looks natural, works on long and short hair and smells great with a price point that's affordable for most clients. Once they remark on the smell or the way it looks on their hair, give them the product to smell on their own and hold in their hands, more than likely you will secure a sale."

Advice from an Independent Barber selling £200+ of products monthly with 1 chair. 

3. Bespoke Recommendations: "If you're good with your client base and know them well, bespoke recommendations work like a dream. You can recommend products based on their hair type or they can take the Crazy Bull hair quiz (found on Some clients have had mixed experiences with hair products in the past (both good and bad), recommendations from their barber that are genuine help the clients feel safer about the products you're putting in their hair. For example as questions like:

- "What kind of products do you normally use on your hair?"

- "Can I make you a recommendation for your hair type on a product that's easy to work in and style but easy to wash out and gentle on your hair?"

-Ask them to smell the product before putting it onto their hair, this normally helps them accept the styling. 

Crazy Bull has a wide range of products to include medicated shampoos which will benefit some clients with skin, oily scalp or dandruff issues. 

-The Bull Blaster salt spray is a miracle for thinning or fine hair. 

-The Lightning hair fibres look very realistic and do not require a fixative. 

 Teach your clients how to style their hair if you have a few minutes, be willing to provide the value of grooming education; believe it or not, many of the lads out there have no clue how to style their hair properly and more often than not, they are applying too much product."

Advice from a Village barbershop with two chairs selling an average of £220 Crazy Bull products per month. 

3. Social Media Marketing:  "Your clients pay attention to what you post. Be proud to let your clients know you've chosen Crazy Bull at your shop and show your excitement through your social media pages. Tag the products in your cuts and mention them. If your shop is tidy, attractive and busy, your clients will trust your taste with products". 

Advice from a UK City Barbershop selling £600+ of products monthly with 8 chairs. 

4. Introduce the full range slowly: "Unless you're at a city shop with clients of all types, we find in our shop that its easier to start with a few products and purchase samples of the others. Keep a Crazy Bull catalogue on the table and if a client wants a certain product you don't carry, you can order it and Crazy Bull will normally have it to you in 1-2 days. In our case we started with MattMeUp and Bull Blaster Salt Spray for 4 months and then clients started asking about other products and shampoos and we now have the whole range and every item is selling well. 

Advice from an Ireland City Barbershop with 8 chairs selling £450+ of products monthly. 

Please let us know if you have any best practices and we will add it to the list. Thank you for reading and best of luck.

- Team Crazy Bull