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Cool Bull Hair Tonic Spray

We are absolutely Crazy about our latest, greatest product

Cool Bull Hair Tonic Spray!

This cooling tonic spray is a unique product that perfects an old-school idea -

The tonic has the following benefits:

1. Finding your hair weaker recently? Using Cool Bull removes oil and product build-up in the hair and tiny micropores of the scalp where the hair grows. This allows the hair to grow healthier! 

2. Do you get ingrown hairs on your face or neck after a shave or trim? Apply a couple of sprays on the back of the neck after a trim to reduce inflammation and keep those nasty ingrown hairs away!

3. A couple of sprays of Cool Bull after a shower leaves the hair and head feeling ultra-minty, clean and softens the hair preparing your hair for styling. 

4. Using Cool Bull also helps to prevent and eradicate dandruff!