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Why SPACE DUST is Out of this World 🛸

With the rise in popularity of Styling powders and the variety of different powders on the market, we'd like to talk a bit about our revolutionary styling powder, Crazy Bull Space Dust. 

Space Dust is unlike any other powder on the market!

It is the only water based and melon scented styling dust in existence. It took our team years to perfect the formula and we are very proud to have formulated it without the use of alcohols, glycerine or waxy conditioning ingredients. 

This means that Space Dust goes into the hair nice and smooth, allowing your client's style to be reworked all day long while maintaining a strong hold. It is infused with a light melon scent which adds an additional value to the styling process. 

As it is water-based, it rinses out of the hair easily and can be used with other Crazy Bull styling produces. 

We have also added a cool QR code feature on each product which explains each product in further detail with styling tutorials and formula info. 

Space Dust is vegan friendly, cruelty free and produced in the United Kingdom with locally acquired and sustainable ingredients. 



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