Crazy Bull - Release the Bull

We’ve been championing the grafters, grinders and those living life to the full ever since we opened our doors in 2007. 

Life’s too short for complex routines - if you’re looking for products that are uncomplicated and leave you ready to take on the world, we’ve got you covered. 

Our products use high quality, gentle ingredients that don’t dry out your scalp, leaving you feeling as good as you look. 

No brand is an island, and community is important to us. We want everyone who picks up our products to feel like one of us. 
We believe in minimising our impact on the environment, and maximising our impact to the community. We take pride in the fact we never test on animals, and that our products are completely vegan friendly.
As we grow, so too does our support for the causes that matter to us.

We’ve only got one planet, so it’s right we take care of it.

All our packaging is environmentally friendly, widely recyclable, and repurposable, right down to the biodegradable packing labels.

Once you’ve finished your jar of Crazy Bull product, why not give it a new life?

Crazy Bull was founded in 2007, and brought to the UK in a briefcase. We strive to create a culture of ambition, inclusion, diversity and environmental sensitivity.

Crazy is the cost of being imaginative and we are Crazy about producing only the best products and user experience. Trust your inner Crazy and "RELEASE THE BULL. "