Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answering your most asked questions below

Ordering Crazy Bull

What makes Crazy Bull products a cut above the rest?

Our teams undergo months of research, testing and sourcing the highest grade ingredients and materials before any of our products hit the shelves. 

Our ingredients are completely cruelty free and designed for easy styling and healthy hair, so there’s no need for shampooing after every use. 

This care extends right down to the packaging too - our unique amber glass containers keep your products from losing scent or drying out. 

What’s the right product for me?

No two people are the same - and neither is their hair. Our range of products are designed to suit a wide variety of hair types, styles and preferences. 

Our products will help you protect, wash, maintain, build, fortify and style your hair - take a look through our selection to find out more about their unique benefits.

Why not take our quiz to see what we’d recommend, or drop us a message - we’re always happy to offer suggestions. 

Where can I find Crazy Bull products?

Our products are stocked in exclusive barber shops and salons across Europe and the US, and are available to buy right here on our site. 

Get in touch to find your nearest stockist, or ask your barber about stocking Crazy Bull.

Note: Prices for in-shop purchases of Crazy Bull stock vary. Please contact the shop before visiting for more info

My barber doesn’t stock Crazy Bull yet, can I ask them to?

Crazy Bull is popping up in more and more barber shops and salons across the UK, and we always love welcoming people into the fold. 

We have sample kits available for any barbers who might be interested - all they’ll need to do is fill out our request form, or visit for more info.

Do you offer product samples?

At the moment, our samples are only offered to barbers and salons - we can help you find your nearest stockist, or ask your barber to get in touch. 

Keep an eye out on our website and social media for samples, promotions and competitions.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

100%. We take pride in our vegan, cruelty free formulations, which are both sustainable and gentle on your hair and scalp. 

We work with a trusted UK based cosmetics laboratory to ensure that none of our products use animal testing methods, and that everything we stock has passed allergen tests and are approved for sale in the UK, Europe and beyond.

How do I dispose of my products once they're done?

Where possible we try to make sure all our packaging and containers are made from materials which can be recycled.

We also like to encourage our customers to keep hold of their Crazy Bull jars - they make great storage jars, plant pots and more - take a look at some inspiration here

Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

We try to ensure all our ingredients are kind to your skin and scalp. If you have specific allergens, all our ingredients are listed in the product descriptions. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

I have another question about your products.

No problem, we’re always happy to help!

Shipping Questions

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order.

Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

What shipping providers do you use?

This depends on the country you're ordering from.

Upon ordering from our website you should receive a tracking information link via email.

Please contact us if you have not received shipping confirmation.

Eff! My package was lost, stolen, or damaged!

Oh no! Please contact us letting us know your order number and your specific claim number. Once we receive that, we will work together to come to the best resolution.


How do you choose what materials to use?

Each piece we create is the product of years of designing, sourcing, and producing with the highest-quality cosmetic ingredients and with like-minded production partners. We thoroughly research and vet our raw materials to make sure they meet our standards, are good for your hair and skin and better for the environment. In addition to thinking about the impact on people and the environment, we consider factors like availability, preferred fiber content, water and energy input, and GHG emissions.

We also use mostly natural materials in our packaging, which break down better and are less of a pollutant than the synthetic fibers that are being found in oceans and water supplies. 

Where are your products made?

Although most of our products are produced in England, we source and manufacture our hair products all over the world depending on where we can find the highest quality production. We only work with high quality partners that can produce hair care and styling products to the standards our customers expect. 

What are you doing to be more sustainable?

Trust us when we say our sustainability goals are as ambitious as waking up before the alarm. These goals are designed to innovate and better how we design and manufacture, which means that we: thoughtfully consider and care about the materials we source, the production methods we use, how we distribute and our practices at our headquarters and distribution locations.

In addition to our hair product selection and how we manufacture, we are also doing what we can by minimizing production quantities with demand-oriented ordering to minimize unnecessary waste and unnecessary production. 

We are on a journey of progress and as we continue to grow and evolve as a business, we are committed to sharing with you, the actions being taken towards positive change to care for the planet and its people.

To us, being sustainable is about responsible and ethical choices and doing our best to do what’s right for our employees, workers, our customers, and the world around us.